CUSTODIO - A Cyber Early Warning Technology Centre

A Cyber Early Warning Technology Centre

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A Cyber Early Warning Technology Centre

Cyber age reality is shaped by the inherent asymmetry between attackers and defenders. While attackers enjoy the increasing ease of hiding behind disguises or masking identities through the use of widespread and easily available data encryption utilities and anonymization tools; defenders, on the other hand, face the daunting task of having to detect and thwart advanced, subtle and persistent threats, which are getting more difficult to trace.

To meet this complex and rapidly changing challenge, a tiered, multi-disciplinary approach is required. This encompasses tried and tested technologies and methodologies to provide pre-breach early warning, accurate detection and mitigation capabilities, and effective post-breach investigation capabilities.

With this challenge in mind, Custodio Technologies Pte Ltd. was established as a Singaporean R&D Centre of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Ltd., in order to spearhead R&D activities in the field of cyber early warning as well as lead IAI’s offering in the field of cybercrime prevention, forensics and investigation for Law Enforcement agencies.

Focusing on active defence approaches, cyber geo-location, identity resolution and anomalous behaviour detection, Custodio Technologies engages in novel and innovative research, with the goal of developing technologies into fully-fledged customer-grade solutions for marketing in Singapore and abroad.

Custodio Technologies is a Singapore registered company with its workforce comprising mainly of Singaporeans. Custodio Technologies aims to host a unique blend of top-notch computer experts (AKA “white-hat hackers”), cyber researchers and engineers, to meet challenges in this dynamic and increasingly complex cyber domain.

Custodio Technologies is a recipient of a grant, as part of the Singapore Economic Development Board's (EDB) Research Incentive Scheme for Companies (RISC). Custodio Technologies one of the founding members for Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Ltd. is Israel's largest aerospace and defense company and a globally recognized technology and innovation leader, specializing in developing and manufacturing advanced, state-of-the-art systems for air, space, sea, land, cyber and homeland security. Cyber security is one of IAI's strategic sectors and core competencies. IAI offers a holistic approach that provides end-to-end cyber security & monitoring tools for the national level, defense forces, governments, critical infrastructures and large enterprises. IAI's cyber solution addresses intelligence, protection, monitoring, identification and accessibility.

Technology that matters

Active Defence

Taking a proactive approach to cyber security, Active Defence focuses on early detection of cyber threats, containment mechanisms and response measures.


Geo-location technology aims to correlate real world and digital data to provide information on the location of an attacker, target or person of interest.

Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution technology utilizes facts gathered from multiple digital sources such as social media and correlates them with real world information to form hypotheses and resolve the identity of cyber personas.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection capabilities aim to detect unknown threats. Detecting variations in network, device and process behaviours can, in some cases, provide the only hint of an ongoing or imminent attack.

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Winner of Cybersecurity Awards 2018

Member of the Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium

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