When the dreaded data leak occurs, time is of the essence for effective crisis management. Orbweaver enables you to get a head start on damage control by promptly and covertly alerting you when sensitive data is accessed outside of your organization. Orbweaver is easy to install and simple to manage with a centralized web console from which sensitive data assets can be armed and monitored.


  • Data leak early warning
  • Effective against both technical and manual exfiltration
  • Undetectable to adversary
  • Provides information that can help identify the entity holding your asset and his/her location
  • Supports investigation of the data leak
  • No malicious codes used
  • Doesn't compromise existing security infrastructure by introduction of new vulnerabilities
  • Centralized arming policy control - no need for specific intervention per data asset

How it works...

  • The administrator defines a centralized arming policy or selects a specific user┬Ěs file to arm by the Orbweaver System.
  • Based on the policy or selection, the Orbweaver System is able to perform arming of files covertly and unobtrusively; the user is free to work on his/her file while this happens.
  • Data leakage of the armed information asset to external threat actors I Unlawful data exfiltration of the armed information asset.
  • Upon access of the armed information asset, a covert callback, along with attribution data, is sent back to the Orbweaver System.
  • The Orbweaver System alerts the administrator of the data leakage incident and provides critical intelligence for decision making.